How Salesforce plans to make digital TrailheaDX 2020 a higher, more significant tech convention

For Salesforce, taking TrailheaDX digital is about more than just keeping the event going, the company wants to make TDX a better, more inclusive, and more meaningful tech event.

Salesforce’s annual TrailheaDX developer event usually draws thousands of coders, admins, and architects to San Francisco. But this year in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, TDX (as the conference is also called) is joining other major tech events, such as 
Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC)

Microsoft’s Build
, HPE Discover, and SAP SAPPHIRE NOW, by going completely virtual.

Delivering event content online is by no means new to the tech industry. Keynotes are often live streamed or recorded for on-demand viewing. Slide presentations are provided for download on event websites. Product announcements are pushed out through press releases. Attendees are encouraged to share their show experiences on social media. And, then there’s the flurry of press coverage provided by people like yours truly.

But, turning a predominantly in-person event into a completely virtual one, presents unique challenges. There are technical hurdles, like the ones that kept many people from watching the first part of SAP CEO Christian Klein’s SAPPHIRE NOW 2020 keynote. Then there are the more esoteric questions. Will people tune-in? What form should the event take? How do you keep “attendees” engaged? Can online events provide the same meaningful interactions that occur in the hallways, at dinner meetings and on the expo floors of in-person events?

In March, We wrote about how the 
coronavirus will end tech conferences and events as we know them,

and after speaking about TDX with Sarah Franklin, EVP & GM for platform, Trailhead, and developers at Salesforce, I believe that more now, than ever.

TrailheaDX 2020 will be Thursday, June 25 from 9:00am – 2:30pm PT.  The event is free and will feature a mix of live and recorded presentations, product announcements, demos, Q&A sessions, networking opportunities, and a “luminary speaker.”

During our conversation, Franklin shared that taking the conference digital is about more than just keeping the event going. Salesforce wants to make TrailheaDX better, more inclusive, and more meaningful.

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