Make Money Online by just WATCHING VIDEOS (TOP 5!)

let’s be honest here, we’re all guilty of being watching Netflix or watching videos for hours and hours, just because we’re bored, Right.

 Well, I was also wasting a lot of time with that but I recently found out that you can actually earn money by watching videos online, and most of the time, you could even choose a topic for these videos, I know it sounds crazy but it’s Real, I’ve received it just for watching videos. Pretty cool right well I teach you exactly how you can do this yourself inside this Article, and we’re starting right now.and you’re actually going to get paid to your PayPal account, you will receive your payment inside your PayPal account. 

Now I’ve lined up five legit platforms for you that pay you to watch videos and this is going to be real money, no gift cards no points, real cold cash.

So, how to get started for free ??  the reason why you can actually do this is because you don’t need skills, you don’t need money and you don’t need experience, literally anyone can do this.

I will also tell you the best platforms to use, so that you can actually optimise your earnings and make some decent money online. And finally, I will tell you how you can actually cash out your money, which is very important because if you actually make money, You need to make sure that you can actually cash out and receive your money, Now keep in mind that I’m going to tell you five of them,  if you don’t like the first one or the second one, there will be three other that might actually work for you , let’s just get into the websites now. 

The first website is called

you can simply create an account for free, right there, it’s very easy to do. you just need to click on sign up and then follow the instructions,and then it will take you to this landing page where you can actually choose between different types of offers but you just want to ignore that, and then basically look at your dashboard, and then go to earn and now you can see offers walls, daily surveys and right there you can see videos. If you want to make money by watching videos, you need to click right there.

You can also like choose the other ones, but in this Article we’re focusing on making money by watching videos, let’s just click on this and then you can choose between these different topics like Hideout.TV, AceWall & videofox. Then we have to click on the AceWall

After clicking on that, it’s actually gonna takes us to the video section.

So right here you can actually earn money by just watching videos which is pretty cool.

Now you might think that this is actually easy to understand, but make sure you basically watch the video, If you dont, your are actually not going to get your points. so, you need to click on this

Then, it’s going to take me to the video section and then this is the video I actually need to watch in order to get my points.

Here, you are just watching a random video. Topic you cannot choose. I also like you to mention that you’re not going to earn like hundreds of dollars, even thousands of dollars by doing this, you might just earn a couple of dollars on the site. Thats it, its the First Website lets go to the second one.


This is actually a pretty decent platform to make some money by watching videos. 

If you sign up today, you can  get 20 cents as a signup bonus. 

I’m gonna show you my account,  But before that I actually want to show you that this is actually legit. I’m not just like showing showing you some random websites, as you can see right there, people are actually getting paid. They’re actually getting paid into their paypal account, or they’re using skrill as a payout method

If you actually want to earn on this website,  you can do a lot of stuff, but you’re here to make money online by watching videos. For that, you need to go  offer walls, and then click on engage videos

it will take us to the video section, just like above website

but on this website you can actually choose a topic for the videos that you’re about to watch, which makes it way more fun, and makes this website better than the first website

click on any of these videos.

And once again, it’s going to take you to the video section where you actually need to watch the video, make sure you don’t click away, and make sure you actually sign up for an account on the video section as well, because otherwise you’re not going to get your points,

I’m just going to say once again, don’t go in the comment section and tell me it’s a scam or that you’re not getting your points. Make sure you actually follow all the steps in this .

An account is now required to cash your earnings out, please sign up, it’s free, or login to your account. So make sure you sign up for an account on this platform as well on

Get your points for watching these videos, and you can then cash out on the website, all you need to do for that , go to rewards

and withdraw your cash.

This is actually a pretty famous website. A lot of people are actually using this. you can already get a $5 signup bonus. Now, I’m not going to scam you and tell you that you can cash out $5 straightaway, you actually need $10, in order to cash out.

Now, let’s take a look at how this actually works. Brands pay them for consumer input, They recruit members like you, and then you’re going to do online activities you earn real cash, not points for this. This is actually going to give you real money, no points, no gift cards, actual cash. Now once again we’re focusing on watching videos and getting paid for this. Big brands companies want consumers to watch short snippets of their content like movie trailers, or new product features, they pay to, and shares a portion of those earnings with you, you’re actually going to get a cut of that payment. Now once again if you actually sign up right now

This website has been around for years, as you can see right there. 2000 to 2019. So they’ve been around for a couple of years. They’re legit. They pay, and you can actually make some decent money.

A lot of you probably know about this website. If you don’t, I’m just going to tell you how this works, and how you can actually earn money. you can earn three gift cards and cash for the everyday things you do online. Here you can shop online.You can watch entertaining videos, and you can do other stuff as well, but you’re here to make money online by watching videos, which you can do on this platform. Now, you’re going to earn points for watching videos, and you can then redeem those points for paper money. You can also cash out for like Amazon gift cards, but you probably want to earn real paper money, you can actually do that with swag bucks now once again this is not going to make you rich you’re not gonna earn hundreds of dollars, but this is actually real it’s legit.

swagbucks has been around for a number of years now. They actually pay you into your PayPal account, just for watching videos. Sign up now, it’s going to be free. It’s going to be fast and easy to do. 

This is actually a great website to make your first dollar online on this website, people are actually doing simple jobs here like Freelancers and earning some money. I know, like these are small jobs. but if you want to make your first dollar, small jobs are pretty cool and pretty simple to complete.

Now take a look at these ones, just as an example now you need to post a YouTube comment, which basically means that you also need to watch it right.

I know this is not the best example but most of the times, there are tonnes of offers about like watching YouTube videos, until like five minutes into the video, or just watching a video in general.

So if you’re looking to make some money without actually watching videos you can also go to this website and do this simple stuff. You can actually click on all of these websites and earn up to like 20 cents just for doing that. Now, I know 20 cents might not be a lot but you can actually build this up to make a few dollars.

I would actually recommend you sign up on this website, and then go to ongoing jobs, and you can like you can find Job offers right there. And these will make you like 50 cents per task or  $1. has been around for many years. This is actually legit. People actually need you to do these jobs, and they will be able to pay you for this. So if you want to like make your first dollar online, make sure you go sign up on picoworkers right now

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Thank You.

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