5 BEST Apps To Make Money From Your Phone (2020)

Five apps that you can download today literally and start making money with just your phone. Now I’ve done the research for you so you know that none of these apps are scams. I did all the research I looked at all the reviews, every single one of these apps, actually work. So we went out and did all the research for you and found the five best apps that you can literally start to make money with today, as long as you have a phone with an internet connection.

let’s count down from the number five app, all the way down to the number one best app, start making some money with

Number 5 – field agent 

field agent describes themselves as an app that focuses on finding opportunities for everyday people like you, to make money.

how it works ??? They deploy shoppers all over the United States and around the world to share their opinions, and most importantly get paid to do so. This app is available completely for free to download and once you do download it, you’ll see a map, and it will show you when jobs are nearby. Obviously in bigger cities, there’s going to be more jobs and more potential to actually earn money, but as long as your city isn’t too small, there should be some jobs that you can go ahead and do and some of these tasks, definitely can appear very random. I’m not going to argue that some of the tasks will ask you to go into a retail store and take a picture of a piece of food, or a can of soup or something like that.

The reason that companies are actually willing to pay is that they want to see how their actual product or service is being displayed in these grocery stores or retail chains or outlets.

With each job paying between $3 to $12 and generally taking about 10 to 15 minutes to complete. That means you’re roughly earning about $20, just to take random pictures and to go into stores and perform random tasks. 

So, if you have some free time and you want to earn $20 per hour to go random places in the city and take photos of random cans of soup, then the field agent app might be for you. 

Number 4 – Foap

This app is actually really cool. And basically what the app allows you to do is upload pictures from your smartphone and get paid to do that,Because there’s thousands of companies from all around the world that constantly need royalty free pictures of their products or services and most companies don’t want to hire full time photographers and videographers to actually take photographs of all of their products out in the world, when they can do crowdsourcing.

And what crowdsourcing essentially is, It gives companies the opportunity to buy awesome images of their actual products or services that are taken by everyday people like you. And so if you’re taking photos with your smartphone every day, you might start to get paid for those photos that you’re taking and if a company likes your photo, the company will actually buy it from you. 

Now, most photos on folks, sell for around $10 and give you a 50% Commission, which is actually very generous, because they did all the work to create the marketplace and to popularise the app and attract companies that are willing to pay you. So if you make 50% Commission’s on a $10 sale, that means that if a company likes the photo that you upload that took. This is a great way to start earning some side income, again, just using your phone.

Number 3 – Google opinion rewards app 

Google opinion rewards app has over a million five star review and you know that anything developed by Google is going to be 100% legit.

 Google opinion rewards was initially launched as a survey mobile app for Android and iOS developed by Google, the app allows users to answer surveys and earn rewards on Android and iOS. It allows users to answer surveys and actually get paid directly to their PayPal and not many people actually know that Google has a rewards programme, where you can go ahead and download this free app answer a few basic questions, and you can get paid for voicing your opinions, because your opinion and your feedback can be valuable to Google and Google like many large companies is willing to pay you for it to improve their user experience and to improve their products.

Number 2 –  Dosh 

Dosh recently raised $44 million investor money, because they’re obviously doing something that people are interested in, and something that’s making them money, but more importantly you making Money.

How it works ???

You get cash back when you spend money.Thousands of companies whether it may be like Hotels, Stores, Restaurants, Etc. ,Dosh has partnered with,more than just earning cashback to go and eat at your favourite restaurants, or go to your favourite hotels, you can also make money with dosh using their affiliate programme. Every time you actually sign up and add a new payment method to your own app, you actually get a $1 signup fee. 

And you can also get a $5 referral fee for signing other people up to the dosh app. 

Maybe, you have followers on social media, you could post about it, on your own Facebook or Instagram, maybe you could even make a YouTube video talking about what Dosh is to get people to actually sign up through your own link. Or you can just download the app hook up one of your payment methods and just use the app to earn free cashback going to your favourite restaurants or hotels and the cool thing is cash grow very quickly, which means that you know that they’re going to be constantly adding new companies new features new ways to earn more cash back.

Number 1 – TaskRabbit 

TaskRabbit is an American online mobile marketplace that matches freelance labour with local demand, allowing consumers to find immediate help with everyday tasks like cleaning, moving, or delivery work. The cool thing about TaskRabbit is you don’t need any pre existing skills to help someone move a few boxes, or to clean something. 

TaskRabbit employees can make a significant wage, I actually hired people of TaskRabbit myself helped me move some of my furniture, and I was paying them $50 per hour, to actually help me move some of my couches and help me move a few boxes from one house to one of my other houses and so if you’re capable of actually picking up a box, and moving it, or you’re capable of cleaning things or you actually enjoy doing that type of stuff you can earn $40 or even $50 an hour to do very basic tasks, and you can do it entirely from your cell phone, so don’t be like 99% of people that never do anything be the 1% that actually try some of these things until it works for you and if you’re going to do it, leave me a comment down below.

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