After a two-week battle with the Coronavirus in hospital, Shibasish Sarkar, CEO of Reliance Entertainment is again dwelling, weaker in physique however stronger in spirit. Shibasish now reveals that he practically misplaced his life. “Not because of Covid, which I was fighting for 15 days. But there was a freak incident one night in hospital. Some medicine reacted wrongly with the body and for 45 minutes I literally fought with death. It was so close. I will have to break this sometime slowly to my wife. She is also not aware. But any way I am safe now. I have felt and seen death an inch over my body. Anyway I got a second Life….a new meaning of life.”

"Slowdown in life, everything can wait", Reliance Entertainment CEO Shibasish Sarkar conquers Coronavirus, shares his experience

He is now again dwelling to a standard routine and has some recommendation for these of us who’re susceptible to the virus. “All good for me now, eating and sleeping and eating…in that cycle. Now back home….I have couple of suggestions. First for the disease. You can’t ignore it. You don’t know how you can get it since it’s like an unknown enemy, you can only remain careful.”

As for the remedy for the virus Shibasish says, “There is no proven treatment as such so you will be on trial and error method with doctors. They will administer you some medicine…one day you will be good. The next day you will be bad. There is no rhyme or reason to the virus and its progression, as everything is trial and error. So mentally you have to remain strong. The day you remain unwell you have to believe you will get well and don’t get bogged down.”

Also a bit of recommendation in your way of life from somebody who has been to hell and again. “Slowdown in life. Everything can wait. Enjoy the small moments and every bit which have forgotten to cherish.”