Sonu Sood became no less than a messiah for the migrant workers during this lockdown as he arranged transportation and food facilities to those in dire need of it. He made sure to get the permissions sorted so that he could help out as many as possible. After Sushant Singh Rajput’s sudden demise, a lot of questions regarding the nepotism culture in Bollywood were raised and the fans are speculating it to be one of the reasons why Sushant felt like an outsider.



Sonu Sood, too, has made it big from scratch and was asked to make a comment on it. He said that people are going to move on from Sushant Singh Rajput’s death after a few days until there’s a new outsider who struggles to get a role in the film saying that it’s what happens every time. Sonu Sood even pointed out that it’s very difficult to make a mark in the industry without influence and very few people are able to do that. Sonu Sood urges people not to blame one section of the industry for his demise as they are also the reason that a lot of people have jobs.

Sonu Sood concluded by saying that it is a massive tragedy and we should maintain peace, keeping the blame-game aside.